About us

Was born on 2021 from our Venture Capital experiences after we recognized a need for a superior tokenomics service when investing in multiple seed, strategic and other early private rounds.

Our Mission

To create the new standard superior tokenomics framework based on economical fundamentals and a principle data driven approach powered by past records. After one year and a half of tireless work, we have now recorded over 350+ token economics experiences and have mentored 50+ clients, including projects from gaming, interoperability, layer 1s, as well as new prominent projects from Artificial Intelligence and Zk rollups niches. We develop a database that records past tokenomics experiences, their monetary polices, the vesting release schedule, incentives, their token velocity and other economical actions such as unlocks, supply shocks and the results of them reflected on price action.

Our Team

Is composed of individuals with entrepreneurship, applied sciences, venture capital, mathematical, and visual design backgrounds. We bring a multidisciplinary approach to tokenomics design and curation that enables us to develop effective solutions that not only consider a top notch token economics breakdown but also a visual perceived value layer that effectively communicates the tokenomics to investors and other shareholders.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the go-to firm for tokenomics design and curation for strategic projects within the crypto space. Additionally, we aim to still be the preferred tokenomics audit service provider for our venture capitals partners who need a scan before investing in the world of crypto finance.

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