4. Perceived Value layer

We understand that it is not enough to have the right numbers, you also need to present them properly.

Tokenomics Technical Framework (Private Investors)

This comprehensive document outlines the technical aspects of your token economics. It covers token distribution, token utility, token allocation, vesting release schedules, token sale mechanisms (round details, fundraising caps, relative discount analysis), and the overall economic model of the project. We utilize complex models such as the Quantity Theory of Money price prediction and Monte Carlo simulations. We understand that it's not just about having the right numbers; it's also crucial to present them effectively to investors.

Tokenomics Paper (Public Sale + Community)

This document specifically focuses on monetary policies, including token allocation distribution, details on vesting release schedules, lock-up periods, and different token release mechanisms. It provides a simplified overview to facilitate comprehension of the overall allocation, grouping multiple pools of investors together. We follow the KISS (Keep It Simple and Straightforward) model, always taking into consideration the perspective of the retail investors and framing the document to keep them satisfied.

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