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Our Services

We offer three main services to assist businesses in developing and optimizing their tokenomics strategies whether our clients already have a tokenomics document in place or need to start from scratch
1. Tokenomics Design
2. Tokenomics Consulting
3. Tokenomics Audit (VCs & Funds)
For web 3 projects starting from scratch A comprehensive tokenomics framework design tailored to their specific needs and goals.
Our service was designed for web 3 projects that are starting from scratch and need a comprehensive tokenomics framework tailored to their specific needs and goals.
Our firm provides a comprehensive four-layer tokenomics design breakdown that includes a universal layer where we establish the fundamental metrics and monetary policies. This includes analyzing data to identify macro-specific factors that can impact the success of your token. Followed by a bespoke layers tailored to the specific areas of improvement for your model, here our goal is to identify areas of improvement based on the initial inputs, and create a comprehensive breakdown of your tokenomics to ensure there are no issues or economical fallacies going on. A technical layer powered by our database framework designed to identify potential issues before they arise, so you can rest assured that your tokenomics model is robust and technically sound, we conduct a thorough analysis to identify different technical issues that may impact the performance of your token. (MoM supply shocks, YoY inflation, token sale fair design, machinations economy design, etc) Finally our cherry on top, a perceived value layer that showcases the attractive attributes for investors and communicates the information in a professional and easy-to-digest format. We understand that it is not enough to have the right numbers, you also need to present them properly this include a pitch ready presentation for investors and whitepaper integrations.
With our Four Layers Tokenomics Design service, you can be confident that your tokenomics strategy is tailored to your specific needs and goals, and that it will help drive the long-term success of your project.
Time consuming
2 to 4 weeks (depending on complexity)
Weekly Meetings
Two or Three (1 hour each)
Get more in-detail information about our Four Layers Token Economics Design → here

For Web 3 projects with an existing tokenomics design.

Our team will work with you to evaluate your current economic system, identify areas for improvement, and recommend changes based on your project goals.
During a 14-days audit, we conduct stress tests, optimize processes, and eliminate any problems we find. We then perform a technical scan and make corrections to your existing tokenomics breakdown as needed.
Once your tokenomics have been optimized, we create a professional document for your whitepaper and a pitch presentation to communicate your new token economics to potential investors and users. We believe that effective communication is key to attracting investors, driving adoption, and increasing the value of your token, so we also provide training to one member of your team on how to effectively pitch and communicate the presentations we provide.
Overall, our Audit & Curation service is designed to help businesses optimize their existing tokenomics and achieve their project goals. With this service, we not only ensure a more efficient and effective tokenomics system, but also enhance its visual appeal for private investors.
Time consuming
14 days - 21 days
YOY Inflation Analysis
Unlocks and Supply Analysis
Monetary Polices review
Incentives and Rewards data
Tokenomics from Competitors analysis
Demand Scenarios for Investors
Pitch Deck presentation (with the new improved tokenomics)
Whitepaper Add-ons

Scan for Venture Capitals & Funds

Our Scan for Venture Capitals & Funds service is designed to provide investment firms with a deep analysis of potential investment opportunities in the web 3 space. Using our proprietary AI data protocol, we conduct a thorough review of a prospect project's tokenomics, metrics, and monetary policies, as well as its potential for ROI and growth while comparing and running analysis with the main competitors of the niche.
Our analysis includes a variety of factors, such as acceleration rates, supply shocks, and inflation YoY, among others, in order to provide investment firms with a comprehensive understanding of the potential risks and rewards of investing in a particular project.
Additionally, we provide investment firms with a technical analysis of the prospect project's tokenomics and vesting schedule, identifying any areas of improvement that may impact the project's valuation and dilution. By conducting a rapid 24-hour scan, we are able to identify potential problems that should be addressed before the SAFT agreement is signed, protecting the best interests of our partners.
Overall, our Scan for Venture Capitals & Funds service is designed to provide investment firms with the data and insights they need to make informed investment decisions in the web 3 space.